C v. Rashidzadeh & Churchill Insurance – 27.02.18


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32 year old healthcare manager recovers £950,000 for the consequences of a mild traumatic brain injury following a moped accident. Marcus Grant, instructed by Julie Reynolds of Julie Reynolds Solicitors represented the Claimant.

The Claimant was 27 at the time of the accident. He sustained fractures to his right arm and leg in the accident together with PTSD, depression, vestibular dysfunction and concussion. He made a reasonable recovery from the orthopaedic injuries but was left with a cluster of physical, cognitive, behavioural and psychological symptoms that rendered him unable to hold down sustained employment, despite trying, and unable to hold down a sustainable relationship. He received a lot of support from his family. 4½ years after the accident this cluster of symptoms was attributed to a probable mild diffuse axonal injury, a diagnosis resisted fiercely by the Defendant’s experts and some of his own experts, especially in the face of normal neuro imaging. However, the Defendant was not prepared to accuse him of fabricating or consciously exaggerating the symptoms which left the diagnosis/formulation of MTBI with lasting disabling symptoms as the most compelling explanation for his enduring dysfunction.

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Marcus Grant
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