HM Attorney General v Dowie (comital for contempt of court); HM Attorney General v Dowie (sentence)

3 March (comital for contempt of court); 13 April 2022 (sentence)

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HM Attorney General v Dowie [2022] EWFC 33; Attorney General v Dowie [2022] EWFC 25

Kathryn Howarth represented the Attorney General in proceedings for contempt of court, heard by Mr Justice MacDonald, who found the defendant in contempt of court for posting recordings of proceedings from family court proceedings, which involved children and were heard in private, on his channel on You Tube.

In a judgment dated 11 March 2022, Mr Justice MacDonald delivered his reasons for finding the defendant in contempt of court for interfering with the administration of justice, in family proceedings, which had concluded in Preston Family Court in 2017. During 2020, the defendant had posted on You Tube both recordings and information about the proceedings, which were heard in private under the Children Act 1989. At a later hearing on 13 April 2022, Mr. Justice MacDonald, sentenced the defendant to 8 months imprisonment. Both judgments consider the applicable law in contempt of court cases, arising in this context, as well as the applicable principles of sentencing a contemnor.

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Kathryn Howarth
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