Inquest into the death of Jack Portland

23/01/17 to 3/02/17

Practice Areas


Represented the Ministry of Justice at this two week article 2 inquest into Mr Portland’s death whilst he was on s. 17 Mental Health Act leave from hospital.  Two NHS Trusts were also represented at the inquest.  No causative failings were found by the jury.

Mr Portland had been detained in prison two months before his death whilst on s. 17 Mental Health Act leave from hospital in December of 2015.  Evidence was heard from twelve witnesses over two weeks.  The jury recorded a narrative conclusion, finding that Mr Portland died of a drug overdose.  Whilst the narrative conclusion also recorded errors or omissions on the part of the prison and the two relevant NHS Trusts, none of these were found by the jury to have been possibly or probably causative of Mr Portland’s death.