Having joined Chambers as a pupil as long ago as 1992, Richard is a hugely experienced practitioner who now specialises predominantly in Personal Injury and Costs work. He has been consistently highly rated, year on year, by the independent legal directories for his work in these fields. Editor of the Judicial College Guidelines on the Assessment of General Damages since 2012 and member of CADR (Costs Alternative Dispute Resolution service) and the PIcARBS Arbitration Panel. He is a qualified Arbitrator and an Accredited Costs Mediator, able to offer both Facilitative and Evaluative Costs Mediation. In 2018 Richard was elected as the Secretary of the Personal Injury Bar Association (PIBA).


“Fantastic advocate, able to read judges exceptionally well, able to provide clear well balanced advice, but not frightened to stick his neck out.”
Legal 500, 2023, Costs

“Very clever and impressive advocate.”
Chambers and Partners 2022, Costs

“Great manner in court and cross-examines experts and witnesses with ease and comfort.”
Chambers and Partners 2022, PI

“Robust but sensible advocate who you want on your side.”
Legal 500, 2021, Costs

“Very thoughtful and diligent barrister.”
Legal 500, 2021, PI

“He always provides sound advice and is excellent in mediations.”
Chambers & Partners (2020) Costs

“A very impressive advocate.”
Chambers & Partners (2020) Personal Injury

“He has an impressive ability to analyse very complicated information and summarise it in simple terms.”
Legal 500 (2020) Personal Injury 

“Good analytical brain who gives massive support on cases”
Chambers & Partners (2018) Costs

“A standout counsel and an extremely safe pair of hands”
Chambers & Partners (2018) Personal Injury

“An experienced advocate with a good knowledge of the field.”
Legal 500 (2017) Costs

“A measured, thoughtful and skilful tactician.”
Legal 500 (2017) Personal Injury

“The first choice for any case that demands a highly technical legal mind.”
Legal 500 (2016) Personal Injury

‘Well prepared and extremely thorough.”
Legal 500 (2016) Costs

“He has become a real costs guru, which has become vital post-Jackson.” “He makes clients aware that he knows their case inside and out and that inspires a lot of confidence in them.”
Chambers & Partners (2016) Personal Injury

“He is incredibly analytical and a very clever costs lawyer. He has become a real costs guru.” “He is excellent, detailed, thorough and very well prepared.”
Chambers & Partners (2016) Costs


Bristol University

Professional Memberships

Personal Injury Bar Association (“PIBA”)


Qualified Mediator

W v Weglewski Unrep

At a recent settlement meeting, Richard Wilkinson, instructed by Claire Roantree at Boyes Turner, secured damages of £3,425,000 on a Provisional Damages basis for a 58 year woman who sustained multiple injuries when she was struck by the Defendant’s vehicle whilst standing in a layby.

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K v Lloyd

Recovered damages of £2.38m on behalf of a newly qualified Clinical Psychologist who sustained serious injury to her dominant arm as a result of an RTA. Despite numerous surgical procedures she was left with significant on-going neuropathic pain and unpleasant cosmetic injuries.

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EFG v Wright and others Unrep

Representing an 81 year Claimant at an Approval hearing in respect of serious injuries sustained as a result of falling underneath a Patient Transport Service that she was intending to board. The vehicle moved despite the driver having exited the vehicle to assist the Claimant.

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EXE v BBC Studioworks Stewart J, unrep

Represented 42 year old electrician and mature university engineering student who sustained both spinal cord and brain injuries when falling 10 meters through an open / unguarded hatch in a studio grid floor whilst working at the Defendants’ television studios.

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P v M (Unrep)

Represented Portuguese insurer in claim by Spanish national who sustained injury in an RTA whilst working in the UK but who subsequently returned to live in Spain. Claim settled for £1m on the eve of a 5 day High Court trial at which 14 experts were due to give oral evidence.

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Y v M (Unrep)

£1.8m settlement for 62 year old man who sustained multiple injuries in motorcycle accident.

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Shannon v Global Tunnelling Experts

Decision of Mr Justice Jay in relation to the liability for costs following discontinuance by Claimant of claim against Belgian Joint Venture joined erroneously to proceedings. Defendant ordered to pay Claimant’s costs up until after proceedings were served due to unreasonable conduct on D’s part.

Shannon v Global Tunnelling Experts [2015] EWHC 1267 (QB)

Conflict of laws case under Regulation 44/2001. Successfully represented Claimant in defeating challenge to jurisdiction by Belgian Defendants to PI claim arising from accident at work on construction site in Belgian involving multiple Defendants. D unsuccessfully contended there was no risk of irreconcilable judgments under Art 6(1) from concurrent proceedings in Belgium and/or that the dispute arose from an individual contract of employment under Art 18 and 19 of the Brussels Regulation. D’s subsequent application to CA for permission to appeal refused.

Dodd v LHP Law

Richard Wilkinson represented the Defendant / insurer in proceedings brought by a solicitor against her former employer arising from accident at work. Claimant suffered from Fibromyalgia pre-accident but claimed to have developed disabling CRPS post-accident. Claim advanced for damages in excess of £1.7m, settled at JSM for £190,000.

Hackney Empire Ltd v Aviva

Representing receiving party in respect of two Bills claiming costs in excess of £3.3m for work done in proceedings in the TCC and Court of Appeal in relation to a call by the Claimant on an insurance Bond arising from a construction dispute. Attending preliminary hearing and subsequently advising through to settlement shortly before full DA hearing

Fletcher-Curran v AXA

Successfully representing paying party at first instance and on appeal striking out receiving party’s Bill of Costs for failure to comply with Court Order requiring the Receiving Party to request a Detailed Assessment hearing.

Smith v Cabinet Office

Acted on behalf of highly respected Press Association Editor who sustained severe arm injury in road traffic accident in Romania whilst attending NATO summit on transport organised by Prime Minister’s office. Criticisms made by Claimant of the safety of the travel arrangements. Represented Claimant at two separate JSMs at which issues of liability and then quantum were respectively resolved. Quantum issues included assessment of his lost chance of a career in political broadcasting and the potential earnings arising therefrom. Character evidence obtained from two former Prime Ministers on Claimant’s behalf.

B v Callf

MacDuff J approves settlement of claim by Claimant rendered PVS / Minimally Conscious State following RTA.
Represented young male Claimant pedestrian who sustained traumatic brain injury whilst working home in the early hours along unlit dual carriageway in what witnesses had described as an erratic fashion. Life expectancy reduced to 12 ½ years. Liability denied and contributory negligence alleged, but settlement agreed at £875,000.

Sita UK Limited v Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Advising and representing paying party in detailed assessment in respect of two Bills of costs of +£1.4m from proceedings in the High Court and Court of Appeal arising from a £90m claim for damages under the Public Procurement Regulations.

Mitchell v News Group Newspapers COURT OF APPEAL [2014] 1 WLR 795

Representing the MP, Andrew Mitchell, in the Court of Appeal in the well-known relief from sanction / cost-budgeting appeal.

B v Poole & others

Mr Justice Bean approved settlements of the Claimant’s claims for damages following head injury.


Acting with Andrew Ritchie QC on behalf of the Claimant who had sustained head injury and severe vestibular disturbance following RTA. Damages agreed for all heads except Court of Protection Costs at JSM on terms that D pay lump sum of £1.1m and PPOs for care of £14,857 for 10 years & £10,000 pa thereafter for life. The issue of C’s entitlement to damages in respect of anticipated Court of Protection costs in circumstances where she had borderline mental capacity was subsequently settled and approved on the basis of an additional lump sum payment.

Kukadia v Patel

Above knee amputee claim following RTA.

Advising and representing Defendant at JSM.

Issues concerning C’s life expectancy from unrelated health issues and his need for alternative accommodation. Claim pleaded at +£1.5m settled for £450,000.

Osborne v Falejev

Advising and representing Claimant who sustained multiple severe injuries, including a sciatic nerve injury resulting in foot drop and severely compromised mobility. Claim settled at JSM on payment of a lump sum of £2.25m. The Claimant was in receipt of Direct Payments from her Local Authority in respect of care received since her accident. The agreed settlement terms included an Indemnity granted by D in the event of the local authority seeking repayment of past care costs and the Claimant electing to forego future reliance on Direct Payments for future care costs.

McPherson v Nestle UK Limited

Represented Defendant in employer’s liability claim in which Claimant developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome following injury to knee at work. Claim valued by C at in excess of £1.6m but settled at JSM for £585,000.

Re Molyneux Deceased

Represented the widow at 9 day Inquest into the death of Lt Comm Molyneux following a murderous rampage by a drunken colleague whilst serving on board the nuclear submarine, HMS Astute. The inquest explored the Royal Navy’s procedures in relation to alcohol testing for serving submariners and resulted in the Coroner adopting the 18 recommendations under Rule 43 contended for on behalf of the family of the Deceased.

Lucas v Diaz / Equity Red Star

Mrs Justice Lang approved settlement of the Claimant’s claim on a provisional damages basis for £3m plus an indemnity (worth up to €780,000) in respect of any liability for tax in Spain on the award of loss of earnings.

Led by Frank Burton QC represented Spanish national injured in RTA whilst working in the UK. Claimant suffered severe head injury resulting in Organic Personality Disorder and returned to live with his family in Spain. Consideration of the cost of care in Spain and whether the Discount Rate should be disapplied because C’s damages would not be invested in the U.K.

Stephens v Tesco Stores Ltd

Costs appeal before Butterfield J concerning the relevance of late Part 47 offers made and rejected shortly prior to commencement of DAH.

M v Balfour 2000 Limited

Steel J approves settlement of employer’s liability claim by schoolboy knocked from bicycle during paper round for £2.5m following an agreed 45/55 split on liability (claimed valued at £5.5m on full liability basis).


Led by Neil Garnham QC. During the course of his delivery round C rode his bicycle from a property straight into the path of an on-coming vehicle suffering severe head injury as a result. No culpability on the part of the other motorist so the claim was pursued against the newsagency that employed C on the basis of the inadequate assessment of the safety of his round. C was left with significant cognitive deficit and behavioural issues requiring life-long care.

Sidhu v Sidhu

Appeal before Mr Justice Burton in relation to the enforceability of a CFA agreement.

Darg v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2009] EWHC 684 (QB)

Successfully represented Claimant at trial (with Richard Lynagh QC) in personal injury action in which Claimant developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome affecting both hands following a laceration to finger in the course of his employment as a vehicle technician. Claimant defended against allegations of exaggeration advanced by Defendants in reliance of extensive surveillance and other evidence.

Atack v Lea / Ellerton v Harris [2004] EWCA Civ 1712; [2005] 1 WLR 2643

Conjoined costs appeal in Court of Appeal in relation to quantum of success fees.

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16th Edition Judicial College Guidelines published

12th April 2022

Richard Wilkinson is one of the team of Editors responsible for producing the latest (16th) edition of the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases which was published today (11th April). The new edition features a new chapter on Work Related Limb Disorders, including cold injuries, a new section dealing specifically with sexual and/or physical abuse and a revised section on damages for injury to reproductive systems.

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Court accepts that doctrine of mistake applies to Part 36 offers

17th January 2022

Every litigator dreads making an erroneous settlement offer. Worse still, if the offer is accepted. Richard Wilkinson was instructed on behalf of a Claimant in respect of whom a Part 36 offer to settle liability had mistakenly been made on a 20/80, rather than an 80/20 basis as had been intended. The Defendant argued that the agreement was binding because P36 is a self-contained code to which ordinary common law doctrines do not apply.

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£850,000 settlement to enable elderly client to escape care home restrictions

21st December 2020

Richard Wilkinson represented an 81 year old client who was left immobilised by multiple injuries sustained in an unusual car accident which occurred when the driver of a Patient Transport Service vehicle she was intending to board exited the vehicle but seemingly failed to secure it properly, with the result that the Claimant was knocked down and then run over by the moving vehicle.

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EXE v BBC Studioworks

9th November 2020

Richard Wilkinson, led by Andrew Ritchie QC, recovered damages of £4m on behalf of a 42 year old Claimant who sustained both spinal cord and brain injuries when falling 10 metres from the grid floor  whilst working as an electrician at the Defendants’ television studios.

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Richard Wilkinson elected as the Secretary of the Personal Injury Bar Association

27th March 2018

Temple Garden Chambers is delighted to announce that Richard Wilkinson has been elected as the Secretary of the Personal Injury Bar Association (PIBA). The PIBA represents some 1,400 members of the Bar who undertake personal injury work.

Personal Injury Claim Settled for £230,000

20th December 2016

Anthony Johnson (instructed by Steven Akerman of Brian Barr Solicitors) represented the Claimant and Richard Wilkinson (instructed by John Lezemore of DWF LLP) the Defendant in this complex personal injury claim in which liability, causation and quantum were all heavily disputed. The matter eventually settled in the gross sum of £230,000 at a Joint Settlement Meeting that took place on 13th December 2016.

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