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Lionel Stride secures £800,000 settlement at JSM for the Claimant in a clinical negligence claim arising out the alleged failure to offer alternative treatment that would have prevented bilateral hypoglossal injury

24th May 2022

Lionel Stride (instructed by Emma Doughty at Slater & Gordon) represented the Claimant in a High Court Montgomery consent case arising out of the alleged failure to offer reasonable alternative treatment in the form of carotid stenting rather than a carotid endarterectomy in circumstances where he had already suffered a partial hypoglossal injury. Consequently, during the procedure, the Claimant suffered a second hypoglossal injury that caused complete tongue paralysis, loss of speech and inability to swallow, immediate cardiac arrest (caused by his paralysed tongue blocking his airways and leading to hypoxia), the need for a tracheostomy, laryngoscopy and the insertion of a PEG feeding tube. The injury left him unable to communicate verbally, permanently fatigued and with associated respiratory issues. He had retired prematurely and was living a far more isolated life due to his difficulty communicating.

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Alex Glassbrook advises Oxbotica on first UK test of a zero-occupancy autonomous vehicle on a publicly-accessible road

23rd May 2022

Oxbotica has announced its successful first test of a zero-occupancy autonomous vehicle on a publicly-accessible road.  Oxbotica is developing a goods delivery variant of its vehicle with Ocado group to complete customer orders from 2023.   Alex Glassbrook advised Oxbotica on applicable laws throughout development of the test, working closely with Oxbotica’s engineering and legal teams, and was in Oxford to see this milestone achieved.

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Clayton Recruitment v Wilson and another, Sir Anthony Mann (High Court, Chancery Division) [2022] EWHC 1054 (Ch), 2022 WL 01443681

18th May 2022

Paul McGrath represented the respondents in an action brought by a former employer / competitor business for restraint of trade and delivery up (instructed by Vienna Kang Advocates). The respondents denied liability but agreed undertakings to avoid further litigation. The parties disagreed about costs. The High Court accepted the respondents’ submission that the approach of the former employer was ‘on the over-heavy side’ and accepted that there was an important public policy to encourage settlement:

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Tribunal in Paris opens formal investigation in the cases of Matthew Hedges and Ali Ahmad

12th May 2022

Investigating Judges of the Specialised Judicial Unit for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes of the Paris Tribunal have opened an investigation into the allegations of torture of Matthew and Ali while they were detained in the UAE, including in respect of General Ahmed Al Raisi, the Inspector General of the UAE who is currently serving as the President of Interpol. He has travelled to Lyon where the Headquarters of Interpol are located, thus permitting the Tribunal to exercise its jurisdiction. Rodney Dixon QC attended the hearing at the Tribunal in Paris yesterday during which the testimonies of his clients were heard. He acts for Matthew and Ali, with Aidan Ellis and Juliet Wells.

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