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Claim in respect of a serious brachial plexus injury settles for net sum of £400,000 at Joint Settlement Meeting

20th November 2015

Ben Casey represented Claimant who  suffered a serious brachial plexus injury in a road traffic.

Ben Casey, instructed by Joseph Dodman of Slater Gordon Solutions, represented the Claimant who suffered a serious brachial plexus injury in a road traffic accident leaving him with a flail arm.  Liability remained in issue throughout and there were allegations of significant contributory negligence on the basis of the Claimant’s alleged speed.  The main issues between the parties were liability, levels of assistance required as a result of the injury and the Claimant’s earnings capacity both in the absence of the accident and in his current condition.  The claim settled at a Joint Settlement Meeting against leading counsel for a net sum of £400,000 (which represented a sum of £800,000 on a full liability basis).

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Benjamin Casey

Benjamin Casey
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