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Extradition to Kosovo refused

21st April 2022

This morning the Crown Prosecution Service indicated that they would not be appealing the decision of District Judge Bristow to discharge a Requested Person whose extradition was sought by Kosovo.

The extradition of the RP was sought by the Government of Kosovo in relation to offences of robbery and possession of a firearm. The RP alleged that the sole evidence against him was a confession that had been extracted by the Police resorting to violence during the interrogation. Expert evidence, in addition to reports from various NGOs demonstrating the prevalence of this problem, was adduced in support.

At the substantive extradition hearing, the District Judge was satisfied that he could not “be sure that the confession was not obtained in the way described by the Requested Person”. He therefore excluded the confession. Given the absence of any further evidence linking the RP to the offences, he was obliged to discharge him under section 84 of the Extradition Act 2003.

The RP was represented by Myles Grandison, instructed by Giovanna Fiorentino and Ceylon Giles at Messrs Lansbury Worthington.

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Myles Grandison
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