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Inquests into the deaths of Mr Yves Gloaguen and Mr Pascal Le Floch (concerning the loss of the Bugaled Breizh fishing vessel) find that no submarine was involved in the sinking

8th November 2021

The inquests into the deaths of two French fishermen, Mr Gloaguen and Mr Le Floch who died when their Vessel, the Bugaled Breizh sank in January 2004, concluded on 5 November 2021. Harriet Wakeman, led by Jonathan Hough QC, was instructed as Counsel to the Inquests.

Following a 3 week hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, HHJ Lickley concluded that the deaths of Mr Gloaguen and Mr Le Floch were accidental, in addition to providing a supplementary narrative which concluded that a submarine was not involved in the sinking and that the probable cause of the sinking was a ‘soft snag’ of the fishing trawl gear on the sea bed which led to the progressive loss of stability of the Vessel.