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Kathryn Howarth succeeds in obtaining discharge for client in extradition proceedings

13th October 2022

Kathryn Howarth instructed by Harry Grayson at Shaw Graham Kerry solicitors succeeded in obtaining the discharge of their client in extradition proceedings at Westminster Magistrates Court. On 12 October, District Judge Turnock discharged the request person in relation to a request from the Polish Government in relation to criminal allegations concerning fraud, which were some twenty-two years old. The case succeeded on the basis of private life under Article 8 and disproportionately under section 21A of the Extradition Act.

In respect of Article 8 the District Judge found that the passage of time coupled with changes that the requested person had made in his life to overcome difficulties with association coupled with the relatively low level seriousness of the offence meant that it would be disproportionate to extradite the requested person.

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Kathryn Howarth

Kathryn Howarth
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