Public Access

About Public Access

Public Access
Barristers have been providing expert advice and advocacy since the 13th century. Since 2004, under the Public Access scheme, anyone can instruct a barrister directly, without the involvement of a solicitor or other intermediary. Many members of Temple Garden Chambers are qualified to provide their services under this scheme.

Our Public Access clients choose to use the scheme as it provides quick and easy access to specialist advice and representation, reduced cost and improved value for money, and more control over their case.

Barristers at Temple Garden Chambers can provide you with independent legal advice in writing, by telephone, videoconference, or at a face-to-face meeting. They can draft documents such as letters, documents required for court, instructions to experts, witness statements, contracts, other commercial agreements, and settlement agreements.

They can carry out advocacy before any court or tribunal in England and Wales, and before international courts and tribunals. They can also represent you at meetings, during negotiation, mediation and arbitration: anywhere you need someone to look after your interests and present your case.

Barristers are regulated by a strict code of conduct. They are held to the highest ethical and professional standards by the Bar Council and the Bar Standards Board. You will always be advised if at any stage your case would be best handled by a solicitor, and we can recommend suitable firms.

To enquire about instructing a barrister please fill in our contact form. This will help the clerks allocate the case to the most appropriate barrister.

Licensed Access
Under the Licensed Access scheme organisations with the relevant experience and expertise (such as various Ombudsmen) and members of certain professional bodies (such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Incorporated Society of Auctioneers and Valuers) are able to instruct a barrister directly for specialist advice and advocacy without the need for a solicitor to act.

Many of our barristers deal with professional discipline matters as well as professional negligence claims and claims for unpaid professional fees.

To instruct a barrister by way of Licensed Access it is necessary for the barrister to be sent a copy of the Licence issued by the Bar Standards Board.

A full list of licensed organisations and licensed professional bodies together with the rules and regulations can be found on the Bar Standards Boards website.