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Tribunal in Paris opens formal investigation in the cases of Matthew Hedges and Ali Ahmad

12th May 2022

Investigating Judges of the Specialised Judicial Unit for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes of the Paris Tribunal have opened an investigation into the allegations of torture of Matthew and Ali while they were detained in the UAE, including in respect of General Ahmed Al Raisi, the Inspector General of the UAE who is currently serving as the President of Interpol. He has travelled to Lyon where the Headquarters of Interpol are located, thus permitting the Tribunal to exercise its jurisdiction. Rodney Dixon QC attended the hearing at the Tribunal in Paris yesterday during which the testimonies of his clients were heard. He acts for Matthew and Ali, with Aidan Ellis and Juliet Wells.

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Grenfell Tower Inquiry

9th May 2022

The Inquiry is currently hearing evidence for Module 4, examining the actions of Central Government, Local Government and the Tenant Management Organisation in the immediate aftermath of the fire. Zeenat Islam is Junior Counsel to the Inquiry, leading on the evidence relating to the bereaved, survivors, and residents, the community and faith sector, the Cabinet Office and the Tenant Management Organisation.

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