‘Operation Moonshot’ – R (Good Law Project, Dale Vince, Ecotricity Ventures and others) v The Prime Minister and The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care


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£100bn judicial review challenge to the Government’s Covid-19 mass asymptomatic testing programme, referred to as ‘Operation Moonshot’.

The claimants, led by the campaigning group Good Law Project, claimed that the Government’s decision to allocate what was alleged to be around £100bn in public money and to enter into a series of contracts for rapid-turnaround Covid-19 testing technology breached procurement laws, ignored a legally enforceable duty to consult, and was irrational.

The High Court (Lavender J) refused the claimants permission on all grounds.  The claimants initially renewed their application before withdrawing the claim in its entirety.

Nicholas Chapman was first junior for the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary in a team led by Philip Moser QC.

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Nicholas Chapman

Nicholas Chapman
Year of Call: 2001